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Kevin Magnussen has shared what happened during the hilarious moment when he first met his Haas teammate Mick Schumacher, and what the German driver said to him before anything else.

After Nikita Mazepin was cut from the driver line-up, Magnussen replaced the Russian driver on the grid for Haas joining Mick Schumacher. It's safe to say they have a great relationship with Magnussen previously singing Schumacher's praises.

“He’s a super nice guy, very friendly, very polite, and he’s good with everyone, everyone loves him. He is also very curious and asks a lot of questions. This kind of communication between teammates is rare in Formula 1,” Magnusson told

“Some drivers are too proud, some do not want to share information, and some are afraid to show weakness. However, Mick doesn’t even care. He just wants to learn,” he added..

When describing the time he first met Schumacher, though, Magnussen was happily surprised at what the driver said to him:

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“His very first words to me were ‘Suck my balls!'”

This was a reference to when Magnussen partnered with Nico Hulkenberg and Hulkenberg told him to, “suck my balls, honey” during an interview in the Hungarian Grand Prix in 2017.


Magnussen told the press:

“He’s a top driver. Many say he is only in Formula 1 because of his last name. He has earned his place in Formula 1. Mick is getting better every week and has already reached a new level in the first races of this season. He will get his first points in the near future.”