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Sebastian Vettel has come to the defence of his close friend Mick Schumacher following another disappointing weekend for the youngster. 

Schumacher has struggled to match his teammate Kevin Magnussen's efforts this year, yet to score points in a VF-22 machine more than capable of doing so. 

Aside from Schumacher's lack of pace, another issue that has become apparent is his tendency to find himself in quite significant crashes.

His mistakes in Saudi Arabia, Miami, Imola and now Monaco will have undoubtedly hurt Haas's already tricky financial situation.

Guenther Steiner made his first comments of frustration towards Schumacher after the Monaco GP, telling the media, "it's not very satisfactory having a big crash again. We need to see how we move forward from here."

With criticism mounting towards Schumacher, Sebastian Vettel has come to his defence, as quoted by foxsportsau:

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"It's easy to get it wrong so quickly. I don't know exactly what happened to him, I haven't seen it, but the main thing is he's okay. 

I think there's no doubt he's capable of doing a lot more than what he's showing at the minute, but I think you guys need to give him a bit of a break."

A 4-time World Champion's analysis isn't insignificant, but Formula 1 is not a sport where criticism can simply be wished away. Some sections of the F1 fandom have even argued that Schumacher has received relatively little criticism given his performances this season.

Guenther Steiner has remained supportive of his drivers throughout the season, though both have made mistakes and cost the team points. 

With Haas now eighth in the constructors' standings, and Aston Martin on the resurgence, the American outfit must improve operationally whilst demanding more of its drivers to achieve strong results.

After scoring just five points since the first round, there are questions surrounding Haas F1's ability to consistently score points now that the likes of McLaren have found their feet. 

Ultimately, time will tell the roles Schumacher and Magnussen will play in Haas's final position in the standings.