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The 2022 season has been difficult for Mercedes, as they have struggled to maximise the performance of the stubborn W13.

Porpoising has often been cited as the biggest obstacle for the Silver Arrows to overcome, a phenomenon that has prevented the team from optimising the potential they believe is in their machine.

Ironically, the FIA's recent directive could force Mercedes to prioritise driver health over lap time, pushing the team further down the field.

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Ahead of the Canadian GP, Toto Wolff spoke to gpfans about the Mercedes approach going into the next few rounds:

"I think we are looking at all possible solutions under the leadership of Mike Elliot.

There is no holy cow. Everything is being looked at and we will, for sure, bring the car back on track.

If things cannot be solved in the short-term because they are conceptual, then it will be sorted out in the next few months."

It seems a fair presumption that Mercedes will not find themselves in the championship battle this season, consistently failing to match the pace of the leaders.

Whilst they have shown instances of impressive pace, the Silver Arrows will likely be best served to put their efforts into better understanding their concept for 2023, and plotting their return to the front then.