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Carlos Sainz was just seconds away from taking his first F1 victory at the Monaco GP, with Sergio Pérez only just beating the Spaniard out of the pits after his stop for dry tyres.

However, the Ferrari driver believes that spending most of his out-lap behind the lapped Latifi (who ignored blue flags and did not get out of the way for several corners) relegated him from a potential victory to the second step of the podium.

Sainz believes he lost crucial seconds behind the Williams as he tried to undercut Pérez on the drying track, which denied him the victory.

He explained the situation in his post-race interviews:

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"We stayed patient on the wets, took the right decision to go onto the slicks. I got stuck behind a lapped car [Latifi] on the out-lap. You can understand the frustration.

A lapped car cost me the race win today. I knew from halfway through the first stint, I saw the dryline and realised it would go to slicks. 

We pitted for the hard tyre. I had to do 12 corners behind the lapped car, which cost me the race win. I won't complain too much. This sport is like that."