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Daniel Ricciardo has faced immense criticism this season so far, after a disappointing first half of the year compared to his younger teammate Lando Norris. 

Rumours about the Australian's future with McLaren have followed, with some outlets suggesting that Ricciardo could leave the team for the 2023 season. 

Ricciardo is understood to have the ability to opt-in or out of a third year with the team - a luxury McLaren does not have - which means his future is in his hands. 

In a statement on social media, he spoke about his commitment to the team and dismissed the intensifying rumours about his future:

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"There have been a lot of rumours around my future in Formula 1, but I want you to hear it from me. 

"I am committed to McLaren until the end of the year and am not walking away from this sport. 

"Appreciate it hasn't always been easy, but who wants easy!

"I'm working my ass off with the team to make improvements and get the car right back to the front where it belongs. 

"I still want this more than ever."