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Red Bull has proven capable of making impressive progress in terms of development so far this season but has committed to making further improvements as the first half of the season comes to an end. 

As reported by AMuS, Red Bull aims to bring significant upgrades for the French GP at Paul Ricard in response to the continued threat posed by Ferrari. 

Whilst Ferrari still has several issues - both operationally and in terms of reliability - the F1-75 reminded Red Bull in its home turf at Spielberg that the Maranello squad is more than capable of taking victories.

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The upgrades introduced by Red Bull are reported to have made the Red Bull slightly heavier, so reducing the RB18's weight will be an essential target moving forward. 

Ferrari's upgrades have been far from perfect, with upgrades made to the engine seemingly reducing the initially bullet-proof reliability of their power unit.

With that said, they have been able to match the performance of the RB18 throughout the season, meaning the Austrian team will need to continue its efforts to optimise its package to preserve its Championship leads.