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The Monte Carlo circuit is renowned for making overtakes near impossible, but possible rain showers on race day could significantly change this trend. 

Monaco's qualifying sessions have an inherent intensity and difficulty, but for all the thrill of Saturday, the Principality's Grand Prix events are typically a procession.

However, heading into race day, the chance of rain is at around 60%, with showers being forecast by several weather forecast stations. 

For those in a good starting position, the rain could serve as a spanner in the works and undo their hard work from Saturday qualifying.

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On the other side, several drivers will hope the rain is significant enough to make the Monaco GP more unpredictable.

A drying or increasingly slippery track could make strategy extremely varied whilst increasing the likelihood of drivers making errors.

At this stage, varying amounts of rain have been predicted, but the consensus seems that the downpour would only be enough to bring out intermediates for the race start, though things can always change in Monaco.