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The Hungarian GP has been the venue of several iconic races over the decades, not least due to the presence of rain, which could again become a significant factor this weekend. 

Forecasts suggested there could be rain at the Hungaroring this weekend throughout the week and have been consistent in predicting rain in qualifying. 

Most recent estimates from the BBC have the probability of rain at 80%, with rain also likely to feature in the final practice session before qualifying. 

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The Canadian GP earlier this year also saw FP3 and qualifying impacted by rain, which provided one of the better sessions of the season so far. 

Similarly, the probability of rain for qualifying itself has slightly lowered, suggesting that there could be some change in the intensity of downpours as the day progresses and that both intermediate and wet tyres could be used. 

Some commentators on Friday raised concerns that excessive rain could lead to the postponement of qualifying. Still, it seems the predicted heavy thunderstorms will not prevent the session from taking place. 

Provided there are no delays or cancellations, there are few who would deny the exciting possibilities offered by a qualifying session where rain can level the playing field.