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It has been three years since F1 raced at Canada's Gilles Villeneuve Circuit, a venue that has provided some of the sport's most iconic races. 

The 2011 edition of the Canadian GP is the first that comes to mind, a race often regarded as one of the best in F1's history.

Heavy rain played a significant part in that race, and there is a strong possibility of rain showers having an impact again this weekend. 

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Montreal weather forecast according to

Montreal weather forecast according to

This greatest chance of rain this weekend is during Friday practice and qualifying, with most forecasts showing an extremely low probability of rain on Sunday.

Heavy rain forced F1's personnel to take cover on Thursday, with extreme downpours affecting the teams as they prepared and unpacked. Whilst this won't impact the drivers, it serves as a reminder that rain is always a possibility in Montreal. 

Even if the rainclouds evade the streets of Montreal on Saturday, a rain-impacted Friday Practice will significantly complicate life for teams as they try to produce the optimum set-up. 

Especially when considering F1 last raced in Canada three years ago (and the FIA's new technical directive will put more pressure on teams), rain could prove a real spanner in the works for this weekend.