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Rumours have intensified over recent weeks about the future of Oscar Piastri, who is now widely expected to join Williams for the 2023 F1 season. 

There was some speculation that the Australian would replace Alonso at Alpine, but the consensus is that the Double World Champion's performances have been enough to secure another year with the team. 

A new contract for Alonso closes one of Piastri's obvious entries into F1, especially since Alpine likely guaranteed the Formula 2 champion an F1 seat next season. 

According to a report from the race, however, Oscar Piastri is on the verge of signing a deal to drive at Williams and partner Alex Albon next season. 

Nicholas Latifi's position at the team has been questioned for some time, and a very underwhelming season so far has made reports that the Canadian will be replaced seem increasingly legitimate.

Oscar Piastri in Melbourne (1)
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Latifi's financial muscle has played a vital role in securing his position within F1 thus far. However, with new owners at Williams and F1's budget cap now established, Williams no longer seems reliant on his sponsorship. 

Alpine are undoubtedly aware of Piastri's ability and promise, so it has been a priority for the team to secure him an F1 seat and prevent another outfit from singing him.

Whilst Alpine are by no means at the top of F1, they will likely finish P4 or P5 in the constructors this season, making them a clear step up from Williams that would incentivise Piastri to fight for a seat in the French team. 

Considering the relatively low availability of seats at the sport's leading teams, an engine manufacturer like Alpine still holds a certain prestige, especially for a rookie like Piastri.

A year at Williams would allow Alpine to evaluate Piastri, who would face a reasonable challenge against Alex Albon, whose solid performances this season have been recognised.  

Rumours that Latifi will be replaced mid-season seem far-fetched.

Given the financial implications of breaking Latifi's contract mid-season (alongside Williams' generally passive approach to singing drivers), Piastri is expected to make his F1 debut in 2023.