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Red Bull's Sergio Pérez was at the heart of an action-packed Spanish GP, after being asked to let Max Verstappen pass in the latter stages of the race.

Before these team orders, Pérez was denied the opportunity to overtake Verstappen and attack Russell, having to wait until the Dutchman pitted to make a move on the Mercedes driver.

Pérez complied with Red Bull's team orders but expressed his frustration after crossing the finish line:

"I'm happy for the team... but we need to speak later".


In his post-race interview, Pérez went into further detail:

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"It turned out to be that the three-stop was the better strategy, and I think don't think I had a very optimized two-stop as well...

I just want to understand. Because I felt that when I was on two-stop, I could have gone through a bit quicker and probably optimise more of my strategy... just [want to] understand a bit better what happens next.

I'm definitely here to win. I think if I was on the three-stop, I should have won the race".

Red Bull has received backlash for using team orders so early in the season, whilst others argue that Verstappen had the pace to take the victory regardless of team instruction.

Perhaps the greatest source of frustration for Pérez was that - as mentioned in his interview - his strategy was not fully maximised. 

There are still plenty of rounds in the championship yet to go, and with contract negotiations upcoming, it will be intriguing to see how the dynamics evolve at Red Bull.