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Esteban Ocon will leave Monaco with a bitter taste in his mouth after receiving a 5-second penalty that cost him a solid P9 finish. 

Ocon's penalty came after making contact with Lewis Hamilton into turn 1, with the Briton attempting to overtake the Frenchman on his new intermediate tyres.

The stewards deemed that the Alpine driver was responsible for causing a collision, turning into the 7-time champion when he was already alongside.

After taking the chequered flag, the Frenchman made his frustrations clear on team radio:

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Ocon: "It's a joke, guys. It is a joke. They can't take the result away like that.

This is favouritism! Crash into me, [but] I get the penalty. We can't see in the mirrors here."

Engineer: "Let's keep a level head. Let's discuss it out of the car."

Ocon: "You know, It's all that effort, you know, that we put in the weekend to get that."

The 5-second penalty relegated Ocon into P12, a rare non-points finish in a season where he has consistently found himself in the points.