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Nicholas Latifi has brushed aside suggestions that he could be a victim of a mid-season swap at Williams, confirming that he will continue in F1 until the conclusion of his contract. 

Speculation surrounding the Canadian's future will no doubt continue until his place in F1 (or lack thereof) is clarified. Still, Latifi has been able to reject the idea of being replaced mid-season, as quoted by gpfans:

"I know I'm going to be driving for the rest of the year. I really don't have any comment to make about that."

Such language is not especially encouraging for Latifi, who seems to have little confidence in his prospects. 

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Given what the numbers show in head-to-head comparisons between Latifi and his teammate Alex Albon, the Canadian was bound to be on thin ice as new contract negotiations, and driver market movements began. 

Still, a mid-season swap was never a realistic proposition, given that a premature exit from the team would require Williams to break Latifi's contract guaranteeing his position at the team at the end of the year. 

Considering the Canadian's estimated financial contributions, it seems unlikely the British team will be prepared to take such a hit financially and replace Latifi mid-season. 

Latifi's likely replacement, Oscar Piastri, might prefer to get into an F1 car sooner rather than later. Still, given the FW44's lack of pace, the Australian won't miss much by waiting and joining the team next season. 

Ultimately, Piastri's priority will be to get his foot in the door and make his full-time F1 debut, regardless of whether he arrives mid-season or for the start of 2023.