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The conclusion of the 2021 season was dramatic for various reasons, not least the decision made by Michael Masi at the end of the race to bring the Safety Car into the pits. 

Following the Abu Dhabi GP, the FIA was on the receiving end of tremendous backlash as calls were made for Masi to be replaced and significant changes to be implemented in the sport. 

Masi was replaced as race director but still held a role within the FIA, at least in an unofficial capacity. However, his departure from the sport in its entirety has been confirmed by the FIA, who released an official statement:

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"The FIA confirms that Michael Masi has decided to leave the FIA and relocate to Australia to be closer to his family and take on new challenges.

He oversaw a three-year period as FIA Formula 1 Race Director and Safety Delegate following the sudden passing of Charlie Whiting in 2019, carrying out the numerous functions he was tasked with in a professional and dedicated manner.

The FIA thanks him for his commitment and wishes him the best for the future."

There are few to dispute that the decisions made in the 2021 season were generally sub-par, but this year has highlighted the FIA has issues beyond just Michael Masi, so there is still plenty of work to be done.