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Zak Brown has shed some light on the situation regarding sprint races, which are set to become a more prominent part of F1 moving forward.

Sprint races made their debut in 2021, with three different venues trialling the altered format.

Fan reaction was mixed, but sprint races have consistently increased viewership throughout the F1 weekend. 

F1 has identified a way to bolster engagement and viewership on Friday, which generally sees less impressive figures than Saturday qualifying or the Sunday race. 

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Zak Brown confirmed this when speaking to

"We tried to get six sprint races off last year, which obviously didn't happen for this year.

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I think all the teams voted in favour of the six sprint races, now that we've seen the data, which tells us it does create more fan awareness".

However, the unanimous agreement of teams is not universal, as there has been some disagreement over how Sprint races should be integrated with the budget cap. 

Regardless of these fine adjustments, which Zak Brown eluded in this interview, sprint races are here to stay. 

Brown continued with additional comments: 

"That's what I think is most important in growing the sport, is how do our fans respond when we try new activities?

Mohammed [Ben Sulayem, FIA president] voiced he just wanted to do some more homework".

Critics argue F1 may have been too hasty in accelerating the involvement of sprint races, given the relatively small sample size of Sprints races currently available. 

If the proposed expansion into 6 Sprint races goes ahead, this format will make up approximately a quarter of the calendar, which will undoubtedly take away its novelty. 

In this case, Sprint races - and the altered race weekends they create - must prove a genuine improvement to the spectacle of F1 for fans of the sport.