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Until Alpine's disastrous post-Hungary driver saga, Ferrari's baffling strategy at the Hungarian GP was at the centre of discussion in F1 circles, as the team again threw away race victory. 

There have been calls for fundamental change at Ferrari after an opening 13 rounds characterised by strategic blunders and schoolboy operational errors.

Despite this, as quoted by, Binotto insists Ferrari can be proud with their start fo the season:

"The balance of this first part of the season for Ferrari can only be positive. In the 13 races so far, we have failed only one race. 

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"In others, we have not won for various reasons. At times they have also been frustrating, with disappointment, and we deserved much better results, but in 12 out of 13 races, we were always there to fight for victory.

"I think the balance can only be positive, even if Hungary's disappointment remains, and we will have to understand how to intervene to ensure that it does not happen again."

Binotto's final statement about learning from previous mistakes is entirely incongruent with his general approach this season, at least publicly, where he has refused to point toward Ferrari's mistakes. 

After the Hungarian GP, for example, the Ferrari team principal said that the F1-75's fundamental lack of pace was a more critical factor than the team's strategy in missing out on the race win. 

Binotto deserves credit for leading Ferrari back into title contention this season, but the team will never win another Championship against such strong opposition without holding themselves accountable. 

These errors are not new to Ferrari, whose strategies and operational mishaps were also costly for Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel in years gone by.