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McLaren's Lando Norris experienced his first retirement of 2022 at Miami, which was proving a difficult race for McLaren even prior to the collision.

After a promising qualifying that put Norris 8th on the starting grid, both McLaren drivers struggled for pace on the medium tyre in the first sting.

A slightly delayed pitstop from McLaren put Lando Norris into a costly battle between the Aston Martins and the Haas duo, compromising Norris’ chances of points.

Pierre Gasly, meanwhile, was on track for a strong P8 finish, having spent the first phase of the race defending from Fernando Alonso in his Alpine. 


After the first pit-stop phase, Fernando Alonso went for an opportunistic move on Gasly into turn 1, making contact with the Frenchman and ruining Gasly's chances of points. 

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Gasly was visibly struggling with damage following the incident, confirming in a post-race interview that he was trying to retire the car before making contact with Norris at the start of the first sector.

Norris gave his perspective on the incident post-race:

"I think it just ended in a silly way. Someone just said on the radio that he was going to retire or something. If that is the case, then I think what he did was silly. If you’re going to retire, just get out of the way of people racing”.

Pierre Gasly echoed a similar sentiment, pointing to his broken steering in the collision with Norris: 

“I’m extremely disappointed right now, because it was an extremely good afternoon… We looked good for P8 until Fernando crashed into us into turn 1 and broke my rear right”.

It was a disappointing day for both drivers, who both felt points were possible at Miami.

F1 is a sport that moves quickly though, so Gasly and Norris will now focus on the remaining Grand Prix to compensate for their retirements in the States.