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One of the biggest talking points from the Miami GP weekend was driver safety, following two heavy impact crashes in the now notorious middle sector. 

Alpine's Esteban Ocon and Ferrari's Carlos Sainz both suffered similarly hefty incidents at the exit of turn 13 in free practice.

Both incidents registered significant impacts, with Ocon's crash recording a peak impact of 51g. Sainz suffered a similar g-force in his crash, registering a 51g impact. 


Several drivers raised their concerns about the concrete barriers in the middle sector, arguing that Tecpro barriers would be better suited to limit the impact of crashes and better absorb them. 

Sainz was one of the first to raise the issue, suggesting the use of Tecpro barriers after his heavy impact on Friday practice. 

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Esteban Ocon and Lando Norris also expressed their opinions, in addition to general dissatisfaction with the decisions made by the FIA. 

Lando Norris gave his opinions on the barrier saga

"I think we'll discuss it as drivers with the FIA in Barcelona. I guess we learn from mistakes, I hope they learn from what happened... At the minute, it doesn't seem like we get heard".

The FIA has received hefty backlash on social media for its refusal to replace Miami's concrete barriers. 

This intensified after comparisons were made between the FIA's crackdown on jewelry and their rejection of drivers' concerns for concrete barriers, which failed to absorb the impacts of incidents.

Tecpro barriers might have carried some problems themselves, given that cars might be spat our back onto the track. However, the lack of compromise and cooperation between the FIA and drivers i 

It remains to be seen what - if any - action will be taken following this, but the drivers are evidently growing frustrated with some of the decisions made.