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The Miami GP was a disappointing race for Haas F1, who have struggled to find the form which inspired their fairytale P5 finish in the first round of the season. 

Haas was in contention for points from the opening laps, with Kevin Magnussen and Mick Schumacher taking strong starts and moving up the field.

The first phase of pit-stops put the Haas duo into a tough battle with the recovering Aston Martin pair, but the American outfit was still on course for a good result. 

Fast-forwarding to the race's final act, Schumacher found himself in 9th place at the safety car restart, whilst Magnussen was within striking distance of the points on fresh tyres. 

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A catalogue of errors, however, meant Haas left Miami empty-handed. 

Mick Schumacher crashed into the side of Sebastian Vettel into turn one, whereas Kevin Magnussen found himself involved in a series of incidents that cost him the chance of points. 

Guenther Steiner gave his thoughts to

"We were up in the points, it was possible with maybe two cars to get into points, and then we just lost it all at the restart.

"Very disappointing because I think the guys regrouped very well, and then we did a few mistakes and ended up with nothing. Or not with nothing, we ended up with broken parts in the end."

Haas sustained their first big collision of the season at Jeddah, as Mick Schumacher pushed over the limit and into the wall. 

Steiner will look to prevent Haas from repeating these unforced errors, both for results and to preserve the team's development budget from being further compromised.