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Formula 1's recent emphasis on sustainability and reaching net zero carbon emissions have made the configuration of its calendar a subject of debate, with some questioning the current schedule. 

F1's current calendar has a vague regionality and direction, but there is still a sense that the order of some Grand Prix could be organised more effectively.

A restructuring of the calendar would reduce the emissions produced by teams when travelling to events whilst also easing some of the burden experienced by staff working in F1 as they travel the globe throughout the year.

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Guenther Steiner gave his thoughts to

"The challenges are that you go from one continent to another, it's a long trip and the team is working hard to get it all done...

On the plans for next season, it would be great if we can combine the races regionally. I know that Stefano [Domenicali] is working very hard on that one and will go the right direction next year."

Stefano Domenicali has indeed mentioned the importance of F1 moving forward and making the appropriate changes to stay modern and relevant... so it seems logical F1 will take this next step.