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Pierre Gasly was one of the drivers to express their concerns about porpoising after the Azerbaijan GP, pointing toward the possible adverse health effects on the drivers. 

Since then, the FIA has taken action by implementing a technical directive targeted at reducing porpoising and protecting the health of drivers.


The Frenchman has spoken about the importance of the FIA's intervention, as quoted by

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"We all love the sport as it is. We all try to just make it like a better place and push it forward

This is just a concern for our health, all of us before even relating it to any performance...

I think we are talking about there are things that could be changed that would affect a very, very little part of the performance of everyone's cars."

However, the consensus about this directive's impact does not seem to be in line with the Frenchman's prediction. 

Various estimations have been made to identify which team will be the most and least affected by the new technical directive, with Mercedes as the most likely to suffer as a result of this change. 

Alpha Tauri's performance will be intriguing to observe at this weekend's Canadian GP, as the Italian team will hope to continue their momentum from Baku after a difficult start to the season.