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The news of Sergio Perez's contract extension garnered appraisal throughout the F1 community, but someone who would have been less pleased with the announcement was Pierre Gasly, whose chances of a Red Bull promotion have disappeared.

Gasly has described the contract extension as a sensible one, given Sergio Perez's impressive performances. The Frenchman, however, has made his ambitions in F1 clear and will be aware that achieving consistent race wins in Alpha Tauri is unlikely.

Following strong seasons in 2020 and 2021, Gasly is perceived as a driver with significant value in the driver market and has therefore been linked with moves to other teams.

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Pierre Gasly has dismissed a team switch for next year, speaking candidly about his F1 future in the Friday Drivers Press Conference: 

"At the moment, it's not a question of looking outside or looking anywhere. I think my contract situation is very clear with Red Bull. It's just an ongoing conversation with Helmut and the management to know what is best for all of us. 

As I said, to me, it's been very logical that they signed Sergio. He's been competitive since the start of the year.

No surprise on that side, obviously, it impacts what is going to happen in my career in the coming years, and based on that, we just need to have a normal conversation on what is best going forward."

Whilst Gasly might feel frustrated to be staying another year at Alpha Tauri, perhaps it is for the best, as better openings might arise for Gasly in 2023.