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What a weekend. It's been a very physical and demanding race for drivers at the Miami Grand Prix as Max Verstappen takes home another win, followed closely by Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz. But Sainz wasn't only battling through the heat and humidity of the GP, but also pain after his crash on Friday.

During the second practice session on the Friday of the race weekend, the Spanish driver hit the concrete wall at Turn 14. This has left him with neck pain that he fought through during the race today. 

"I've been better," he said immediately after the race. "Obviously, after the crash from Friday I still had a bit of a neck pain going into the race, but I had to manage it and I fought through it.

"Especially with Checo on the end on the medium tyre, it was very difficult to keep him behind, but we managed to keep the podium, which is a decent result."

Sainz ended his race 8 seconds behind the leader, Red Bull's Max Verstappen, and while he's still waiting for his own win this season, he's still feeling optimistic about another podium finish.

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"It wasn't easy at all," he admitted. "It's been a tough race with the tyres, with the heat. The car was moving and sliding a lot.

"But in the end, we got what we deserved I think, which is a decent P3, and we can build it up from here. I want more but it's not bad."