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Scuderia Ferrari's season has unravelled spectacularly, plummeting from comfortable leads in both championships to now facing an 80-point deficit in the constructors and a 34-point deficit in the drivers' standings.

The Italian squad's reliability was once its greatest asset, but retirements for Leclerc at the Spanish and Azerbaijan GP, alongside Carlos Sainz's premature finish at the Baku circuit, have allowed Red Bull to create a devastating points margin in the standings. 

Moving forward, Ferrari must eliminate further reliability issues, as gifting Verstappen and Perez 1-2 finishes will be detrimental to their title hopes. 

Mattia Binotto has admitted he is unsure when Ferrari can address their reliability woes, as quoted by

"It is a concern. It is even more of a concern because I do not have the answer I would like right now as to what was the problem.

We will need to fit another new engine, it's a fact, which is very early in the season.

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Sometimes the problems you have are not short fixes, so I don't know the strategy we will need to adopt...

It is something we will understand in the next few days and hopefully we will have a clearer answer by the time we are in Canada."


The Scuderia must lick their wounds ahead of the Canadian GP and prioritise a strong double-points finish to stop themselves from bleeding any more points. 

The F1-75's raw pace is not a fundamental issue, given that Leclerc has been in contention for victory in the last four rounds, with Carlos Sainz almost snatching victory in the streets of Monte Carlo. 

Unfortunately for the Maranello squad, their early-season priority to maximise reliability has backfired, with their new power unit seemingly suffering from overheating issues.

With the F1 circus set to arrive in Canada in the next few days, Ferrari must get together and understand their weaknesses before suffering even more detrimental losses.