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Despite taking victory at the Austrian GP, Ferrari will be concerned that another reliability problem forced Carlos Sainz to retire and denied the Scuderia an easy 1-2 finish. 

Mattia Binotto has spoken about the team's reliability concerns, specifically regarding the engine, as any additional retirements could prove detrimental to Ferrari's hopes of taking either championship. 

Speaking with, Ferrari's team principal gave his thoughts about their position: 

"Better a fast car that breaks down than a slow one that doesn't break. 

"It is obvious that we believe in both World Championships. This car has shown in all the races that it is competitive and looking at all the stages that remained to be raced, we have to believe it...

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"Every time we bring something new, it works. In England, the upgrades were also useful. 

"We had a disadvantage compared to them [Red Bull] in terms of top speed, and it was mainly due to the effectiveness of their DRS. 

"We worked on our device, starting with the new rear wing that was introduced to Charles in Canada and then for Carlos in Silverstone. 

"With that wing, we closed the gap in terms of speeds in the straights, they have only a minimal advantage...

"There are problems that are of concern for the next races, not in the medium-long term because I am convinced that as a team we will be able to solve them. 

"We have a very strong engine and this gives me hope for the future when we have found a way to make it solid as well. 

"It is necessary to design new components, produce them, homologate them for reliability. A few weeks are not enough. In the short term, we will try to manage it in terms of mileage."