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Fernando Alonso took his best finish of the season at last weekend's Monaco GP, crossing the line in seventh after a hectic stop-start race in changeable conditions. 

After various issues in the first few rounds, Alonso was pleased to put some strong points on the board and avoid another missed opportunity to score points.

Something that has received little attention, however, is that Alonso has been dealing with an arm injury for most of the year.

Following the race, Alonso spoke to gpfans about the nature of his injury, which he has been managing since his qualifying accident at the Australian GP:

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"I mean, I had a couple of bones, ligaments, tendons - everything is a mess at the moment. I need two or three months, and there is no surgery, nothing you can do.

I just need rest, and unfortunately every two weeks, I have to drive, so I try to rest at home, but it will take a few months."

Alonso was asked if he could step aside and let Piastri take the wheel to allow for his full recovery. He responded: "Yeah, but we need the points."

Monaco could be the start of a better run of form for Alonso, whose performances to start the season have not been followed with adequate results. 

The Spaniard's future at Alpine is uncertain, but whether the French team elects to retain him or not, the Double World Champion will look to finish his season in the best way possible.