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Alfa Romeo has established itself as a team in the fight at the very front of the midfield, consistently having the pace to score good points.

At Azerbaijan, however, they suffered from poor performance and reliability woes, with a mechanical failure denying Zhou Guanyu the chance of points and Bottas fundamentally struggling for pace. 

The Finn was clueless about the root of his issues at Azerbaijan, as he found himself well behind the likes of McLaren, Alpha Tauri and even Sebastian Vettel's Aston Martin.

In response to this issue, Alfa Romeo's head of trackside engineering, Xevi Pujolar told the race that the team would make as many changes as possible:

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"At the moment, we don't know what has gone wrong on that car, but it is clearly on the balance.

We can see his feedback that something is not right, but we don't know what is causing this issue at the moment, and we will take some actions to make sure in Montreal we clear that.

Probably what will happen is that we'll have to change as much as we can to fix the problem, but that's the limitation we have got in such a quick turnaround.

So, we'll just try to change as much as possible to make sure that we start back with our normal or expected performance and that nothing is wrong affecting the balance."

It remains to be seen how effective Alfa Romeo's rescue plan will be, but in such a competitive field - where every team bar Williams can now score points on a weekly basis - Alfa cannot afford to allow these issues to hamper them for much longer.

A poor set-up is usually fixable, but given how badly wrong the team's direction at Baku seems, there will be some legitimate concerns ahead of the Canadian GP.