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Silverstone F1 Tickets Cause Uproar With Fans

Tickets for the 2023 British Grand Prix at Silverstone went on sale earlier today and fans were left extremely angry with the new process. It was announced a couple of weeks ago that the prices would increase dependant on demand whilst the tickets are on sale, and that the prices would be refreshed every 90 seconds. 

As fans were trying to get their tickets today, they joined a queue, then the site would crash and would end up further back in a new queue with the price increased. One fan in particular said on Twitter:

“So Silverstone 3 day ticket I was looking at when I first tried was from £559, I’ve been repeatedly kicked out of queues and now it’s from £689. Wow, sh*tty way to treat the fans this.” [sic]


Alfa Romeo Currently $10 Million Below Budget

The budget for F1 teams this year has been a massive talking point, with many teams complaining that it is unrealistic with inflation. 

Alfa Romeo team principal team, Fred Vasseur, explained to AMuS:

“It now shows that we are $10 million under budget. It is one of the most important tasks to close this gap.

"We should now have that [engine penalties] behind us. We have two fresh engines in the pool."

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Lewis Hamilton Claims His Father Tried To Convince Nyck De Vries To Join F1

Lewis Hamilton has revealed that his Father, Anthony, tried to get Nyck De Vries into F1 back when Lewis was driving for McLaren. After De Vries' F1 debut at the Italian Grand Prix this weekend, Lewis mentioned to multiple media:

"Nyck is a very talented driver, I knew him when he was very young," 

"When I was at McLaren, my father tried to help him get into Formula 1.

"He is really valuable to our team, and he does a lot for us in the simulator and he is always positive.

"I was so happy to hear that he got the chance to drive a GP weekend. He deserves a place in Formula 1 in my opinion."


Nicholas Latifi On Being Outperformed By Nyck De Vries: "It Was Not Fun Out There"

Nicholas Latifi has spoken to following the Italian Grand Prix, where his stand-in teammate Nyck De Vries managed to gain two points when Latifi is still on zero points for the whole season. 

Latifi said:

“We got really compromised at the start. I got sandwiched in between a few cars – trying to avoid getting crashed into, basically.

“And then there were a few cars that cut the first corner and didn’t get any penalty. It compromised the race because then I became the first car [in front of] the cars – let’s say, out of position.

“So when all the faster cars were going to come through, I was the first one they got through…

“I think the way our car was today, it was [about trying to] maintain the position we were in, and [then] we had a fighting chance.

“But to have to make up ground – our car is not a car you can race with. It’s fast in a straight line, but we cannot brake, and we cannot carry speed through the corners.

“I managed to get through a few cars, but we’re missing so much downforce – it was not fun out there.”