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De Vries Is In Talks With Three Different Teams For Potential 2023 Seat

Nyck de Vries made his F1 debut at the Italian Grand Prix when he stood in for Alex Albon for Williams. De Vries had a fantastic performance scoring two points. Therefore, it is no real surprise that the Dutchman is in talks with three different teams for potential seats next year. 

De Vries explained in an interview on Humberto op Zaterdag, he confirmed that he has been in talks with Alpine for a while as well as Williams and he recently met with Helmut Marko about a space with AlphaTauri.


Nikita Mazepin Will Not Remove Russian Flag To Help His Return To F1

Nikita Mazepin lost his space on the F1 grid when Russia invaded Ukraine. The FIA announced that Russian drivers would be banned from the sport, unless they drove under a neutral flag. 

Mazepin refused to drive without the Russian flag, ruling out a return to the sport any time soon. 


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2023 F1 Calendar Announced

 Stefano Domenicali, F1 CEO, has announced the 2023 calendar of a record-breaking 24 races. This includes the new addition of Las Vegas and the return of China. 

There was a lot of speculation around the return of the South African GP but this has unfortunately not been included, although Monaco will remain on the line up but the French GP has not made the cut this time. 


Monaco In Contract With F1 Until 2025

With the release of the 2023 F1 calendar, many are surprised to see Monaco is still on the line up after speculation that it would not be included next year. 

It has now been revealed that the Monaco Grand Prix has agreed a new deal to be on the F1 calendar until at least 2025.