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Mick Schumacher & Ferrari Set To Go Their Separate Ways At The End Of The 2022 Season

It has been reported that Schumacher's contract as a Ferrari development driver is coming to a 'natural end' this season. 

Although Haas have not made any official statements about the driver's spot on the team, it is thought Schumacher is up for grabs for the 2023 season. 


Lando Norris Has Shot Down Claims That The McLaren Suits Him Better Than Daniel Ricciardo

There have been many suggestions that the MCL36 is suited better to Lando Norris than to his teammate Daniel Ricciardo, who is leaving the team at the end of this season. However, Norris has spoken to denying this. He explained:

“I think the only thing that people get extremely wrong in any opinion thinking that the car is designed around me, or suiting me more than it is him.

“At the beginning of the year, it suited him more than it did for me. If I could choose an exact driving style for me to have and for a car to suit, then this car doesn’t give me anything of what I want to do.

“Therefore, the job of a driver is to adapt to that, and just to the best you can with that car. Which is what I’m doing, and maybe [it’s] easier for me to do than it is for Daniel. I don’t know if that’s the reason.

“For every driver, it’s just adapting to the car you’ve got in the end of the day.

“And the car I have now is not one which is designed around me in any way, it’s just the one that they can make the quickest as possible in the wind tunnel, and that’s what I got.

“But that’s life. It’s the same with every team. It’s the same with everyone, that the car is just the quickest car that they make. And then it’s the driver’s job to go out and perform the best they can.

“In terms of setting up the car, we request different things. I generally request a lot more front end from the car. I never get it. It’s not how it works."


Pierre Gasly Almost Didn't Start The Belgian Grand Prix

Due to start eigth on the grid on Sunday, Pierre Gasly had a last minute technical issue which meant he had to start in the pit lane. However, it has now been revealed that he almost missed the race all together. 

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Gasly explained in an interview with

"Two minutes before the race start, I thought I was never going to participate in this race. Somehow the car just came alive again, like one minute thirty before the race start."

"We didn't expect to make such a comeback. I just tried to stay composed and execute the best race I could,"


F1 To Trial DRS Through Zandvoort banking In This Weekends Dutch GP FP1

The final turn at the Dutch Grand Prix track, the Arie Luyendyk Bocht, has been given 18-degree banking to increase cornering speeds. The originally planned DRS zone was due to begin before the right-hand turn to help with overtaking on the main straight. However, due to safety concerns, the FIA have chosen to cut the DRS zone short until after the banked corner. 

FIA's single-seater technical director, Nikolas Tombazis, told Viaplay:

"The current position is that we are going to have the DRS ahead of the final corner, so early on, to improve a bit the racing in Zandvoort. But we are keeping an open mind on that, and we will be asking teams for their feedback. We've asked them already in simulations, but also after FP1 we will be asking teams for their feedback. And if we feel that there is any, even a remote, risk for the safety than clearly we would have to take action and change it after FP1."