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With the first race weekend back from the summer break starting in Belgium today, we are set for a great race weekend ahead.

Here is a round-up of the biggest news today.

Multiple Grid Penalties At The Belgian Grand Prix On Sunday

There were already rumours of Ferrari driver, Charles Leclerc, having a grid penalty on Sunday due to a change to his power unit. However, during first practice today, we found out that there are multiple drivers who will be starting at the back of the grid along with Leclerc.

Current championship leader Max Verstappen will also take a penalty, as well as McLaren's Lando Norris, Alpine's Esteban Ocon, Haas's Mick Schumacher and, Alfa Romeo's Valtteri Bottas. 

Audi Released Their F1 Car To Take Part In 2026

There has been a lot of speculation surrounding Audi taking part in F1, and the German carmaker have just revealed that they will be joining the grid in 2026.

It is thought that this will be doing via taking over Sauber as Audi has just acquired a 75% stake in the team.


Alpine Boss Speaks Out Over Oscar Piastri Saga

Alpine team boss, Otmar Szafnauer, said in an interview with Sky Sports F1 that he wished Oscar Piastri "had a bit more integrity".

He explained his side of the situation which came to light when Fernando Alonso announced he was leaving the team and Alpine put an announcement out to say that Piastri would be joining the team. Piastri then took to his social media to say that he will not be joining the team and this was never agreed. Szafnauer said:

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"He's a promising young driver. He hasn't driven in F1 yet. And my wish for Oscar was that he had a bit more integrity. 

“He signed a piece of paper as well back in November and we've done everything on our end of the bargain to prepare him for F1.

“And his end of the bargain was to either drive for us, or take a seat where we would place him for the next three years. And I just wish Oscar would have remembered what he signed in November and what he signed up to."


Max Verstappen's Summoned To Stewards After FP2

Red Bull driver, Max Verstappen, was summoned by the stewards after second practice today. This was apparently due to a practice start at the end of the session. 

The FIA said this was due to an "Alleged breach of Article 12.2.1 i) of the International Sporting Code” and “Non-compliance with Race Director’s Event Note (Item 12, Document 3)."

This is referring to when drivers practice the start procedure. The FIA states "Practice starts may be carried out on the right-hand side of the pit exit road after Turn 1 and before the Safety Car 2 line. During this time any driver passing a car which has stopped to carry out a practice start may cross the white line."


FIA Investigated Lewis Hamilton's Mercedes

It has been revealed that the FIA decided to investigate Lewis Hamilton's car after the Hungarian Grand Prix. It has been reported that they were looking into a few aspects of the car, but luckily nothing untoward was found. 

The report showed that the car was randomly selected to be investigated in further detail.