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Max Verstappen Made A Fantastic Comeback To Win The Belgian GP

Red Bull's Max Verstappen started in fourteenth on the grid today and although a lot of drama ensued around him, he very quickly picked his way through up the grid and once he was ahead, he proved very difficult to overtake. 

After the race, Verstappen explained his win:

“It was a really hectic first lap, to stay out of trouble, but after the safety car the car was on rails. After that, once we were in the lead, it was just about just managing everything. The whole weekend was incredible. It’s been a weekend I couldn’t imagine – I’m going to enjoy today and then next week, let’s see what we can do.”


Lewis Hamilton Retired From The Belgian GP In The First Lap

Lewis Hamilton had a great start at the Belgian GP, however, this was extremely short-lived when he went for the overtake of Fernando Alonso.

Hamilton admitted after the race that he was at fault when he did not leave enough room for Alonso and his rear collided with the front left of the Alpine, sending the Mercedes up into the air. 

Hamilton carried on for a little bit but he heard very soon on his team radio that he needed to stop when smoke started to come out of the rear of the car, meaning Hamilton was to retire from the race. 


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Ferrari Had More Strange Strategy Plans For Charles Leclerc

Ferrari once again looked like they were making strange choices for Charles Leclerc which saw Leclerc pitting early and then again in the 43rd lap out of 44.

Team principal, Mattia Binotto, had defended the teams decision saying:

“I think overall, it has been an unlucky situation. It’s not because of that we stop deciding and being brave to go for a fastest lap when conditions are there to go for it.

“It’s the opportunity to try to get the fastest lap, and there was the margin on Fernando to stop and try to go for it. I think it was the right decision, and we know that it would have been very close to Fernando.

“But we know as well he could have overtaken him back because he had fresher tyres, and that could have helped him in terms of DRS. Once again, I think it was the right decision.


Charles Leclerc Given Last Minute Penalty

Ferrari decided to put Leclerc onto new soft tyres on the 43rd lap in an effort to secure a point for the fastest lap but unfortunately the plan did not pay off. 

Early on in the race, a front right brake duct was blocked by a visor tear off strip which caused the brakes and a sensor to overheat. As the sensor had overheated earlier on, this meant that when Leclerc was exiting the pit on the 43rd lap, he was not able to see his speed. 

Leclerc ended up going just 1kmh over the speed limit, according to the FIA's decision document. As the Monegasque driver ended up taking a five second time penalty.