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Ferrari Team Principal, Mattia Binotto, Questions FIA

Speaking out after claims have emerged of Red Bull introducing a lighter car in upcoming races, Ferrari team principal, Mattia Binotto, has said that the spending cap that the FIA put in place has little people monitoring it. 

He continued:

"It has to improve for the future because it would be really bad if somehow a championship was dictated by a financial regulation and not technical or sporting."


Pierre Gasly Rumoured To Be Alpine's First Choice For Empty Seat

Sky F1’s Craig Slater, has reported that Alpine’s preferred option for next season is Pierre Gasly. 

With the recent drama between Alpine and Oscar Piastri, Alpine are hoping for some monetary compensation from Piastri for him not following through with their contract. It is rumoured that they could use that compensation to pay for Gasly to get out of his contract with AlphaTauri early, which is currently until the end of 2023.


Lewis Hamilton 'Almost Broke His Back' In Collision With Fernando Alonso

Lewis Hamilton has spoken out about the collision he had with Alpine's Fernando Alonso during the first lap of the Belgian Grand Prix, which saw him retire from the race. 

Admitting that it was his fault, Hamilton has since explained that the impact of the crash 'almost broke his back'. Hamilton was going for the overtake of the Alpine and turned in to the right when the rear of his car crashed into the front of Alonso's Alpine sending the Mercedes up into the air. 

He said:

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“I nearly broke my back coming down. It was a big hit. I just remember looking at the ground, it was quite high. It was definitely high. I’m grateful to still be alive and in shape.”


Footage Has Been Revealed To Show It Was Verstappen's Tear-Off Visor That Got Stuck In Leclerc's Ferrari

Charles Leclerc had a bit of a messy race yesterday at the Belgian Grand Prix. He had to pit early on in the race due to a tear-off visor getting stuck in his front right brakes. 

What we didn't realise at the time was that as a result of this, one of Leclerc's sensors went which meant he was not aware of the speed he was going during his last pit stop which ended in him receiving a 5 second time penalty for speeding in the pit lane.

Footage has now been revealed that the tear-off visor that caused these issues for Leclerc actually belonged to Max Verstappen who went on to win the race. 


Mick Schumacher Reportedly In Talks With Williams

Haas have still not confirmed whether Mick Schumacher will have a seat on the team for the 2023 season and there have been many reports of Schumacher speaking to other teams that have seats available. Williams has now been added into the mix with claims the young German driver is also in talks with them as well.

Williams have not confirmed who will be driving alongside Alex Albon next year. 

Watch this space!