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Fernando Alonso Apologises To Lewis Hamilton

After the Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso collision during the first lap of the Belgian Grand Prix, Alonso had some pretty strong words to say about Hamilton over his team radio. 

Of course, it was a high-adrenaline moment, however, Alonso pretty much said that Hamilton only knows how to race from the front. 

Alonso has now confirmed that he has apologised to Hamilton for what he said, explaining:

“I apologised to Lewis for what I said on team radio. Obviously, that is not what I really think of him. He is a great champion, and I have great respect for him.”


Drivers Are Concerned About Zandvoort's F1 DRS Zone

Things are being mixed up for this weekends F1 when DRS will be enabled through Zandvoort's banked final corner. This zone used to be 30 metres long and will now be 40 metres. However, the drivers are a bit sceptical of the change.

McLaren driver Daniel Ricciardo said: 

“I’m going to let someone try it first. In a way I hope it’s easy because then it means it’s usable, and then we will obviously gain more. So I hope it’s totally fine. But until we do it, we don’t know. I hope it’s fine for racing purposes.”

Red Bull's Sergio Perez explained:

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"Certainly going there will be interesting for the first time. These cars, they lose less downforce when you’re following. Racing was difficult last year so maybe that’s something that can help this year.”


Daniel Ricciardo's 2023 Season Is Still Up In The Air

With the announcement that McLaren and Daniel Ricciardo will be parting ways at the end of this season, there has been a lot of discussion around which team he could join next. 

However, the prospects are not looking as positive as they were before. Alpine was a main contender, but we now know they have their sights set on a few different drivers. There is still the possibility of joining Haas, so we will have to see if they are a team Ricciardo will want to be a part of. 


Gasly Has Spoken Out On What The Alleged 'Contract Statements' Were About

An eagle-eyed fan picked out Pierre Gasly from a video posted by Ferrari, talking to some of the other F1 drivers about the details of a contract. This lead to many speculating that Gasly may be making a move from AlphaTauri. 

Gasly has been rumoured to be in Alpine's considerations for their spare seat for the 2023 season. 

However, speaking to ESPN, Gasly has explained that the contract he was speaking about was completely separate to F1 and not about a move to Alpine. He said:

"If you knew what we were talking about, you would probably laugh. I can guarantee you it was not about Formula 1. George [Russell] was talking about marriage, or weddings, so you can understand it wasn't about F1."