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Max Verstappen Qualified Fastest At Belgian GP But Carlos Sainz Takes Pole

Max Verstappen easily took the top spot during qualifying for the Belgian Grand Prix, however, he will be taking an engine penalty tomorrow so will be starting towards the back of the grid.

Second fastest today was Carlos Sainz in the Ferrari, who will took pole position by default.

Luckily for Verstappen, there are now seven drivers having the same penalty so he will start tomorrow in 15th.


More Ferrari Mishaps For Charles Leclerc

Charles Leclerc has had a few problems with his team so far this year with strategies going against him. During the Belgian Grand Prix qualifying today, we saw another mistake from the Ferrari team.

Leclerc started his Q3 session and quickly realised he was on the wrong tyres. Knowing that he would take the grid penalty, it was obvious that the team were trying to use Leclerc to create a slipstream for his teammate Carlos Sainz, to help him take pole position. However, as the wrong tyres were put on by the team, this didn't exactly go to plan. 


Alpine Could Sue Oscar Piastri For Not Following Through With Contract

Alpine manager, Otmar Szafnauer, explained yesterday that Oscar Piastri had signed a contract to either drive for Alpine, or take a seat where they would place him for the next three years. 

The case is going to the CRB (Contract Recognition Board) on Monday but it is thought that Alpine is likely to take this further if they are not satisfied with the decision. 

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Alpine could sue Piastri for $5-10 million as they have invested in Piastri's development, according to German outlet AMuS.


Mercedes Continue To Struggle At Belgian GP After Significant Upgrades

Lewis Hamilton was only able to get the seventh fastest time during qualifying today, however due to grid penalties for some of his competitors, he will start the Belgian Grand Prix in fourth tomorrow.

We heard Hamilton ask his team how far he was off the fastest, Max Verstappen, at the end of qualifying. He sounded extremely disappointed when they let him know he was 1.8 seconds off. 

In his post race interview, Hamilton explained that the performance of the Mercedes was a "a real kick in the teeth" and confessed he will be glad to see the back of the current team’s car.


Alpine Reportedly Now Considering Pierre Gasly

There has been a lot of drama surrounding the available seat at Alpine after Fernando Alonso announced he was moving to Aston Martin and Oscar Piastri snubbed the team when he seemingly went against their contract. 

This was looking great for Daniel Ricciardo now that we know this is his last season with McLaren and Alpine indicated they were open to welcoming Ricciardo back to the team. However, it is now rumoured that Alpine is considering AlphTauri's Pierre Gasly for the spot.