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F1 Drivers Forced To Change Strategy After Last Minute Rule Change

F1 Drivers angered about the recent rule change

The FIA have made a change to the pitlane rules on Thursday, ahead of the French Grand Prix. 

Race Director, Eduardo Freitas carried out a track inspection with Niels Wittich on Thursday and changed the rules following this. The pitlane speed limit of 60km/h usually finished after the last team garage, however, Freitas and Wittch have extended this to the end of the pitlane due to them passing an unused garage. They have said this if for their safety as well as the safety of pedestrians. 

Drivers are not happy with the time this is adding to pit stops and having to accelerate later puts them at a disadvantage for turn one. With the additional 3-4 seconds added for a pitstop, it is anticipated that some teams will try and do a one-stop race on Sunday. 

Some of the drivers brought up their concerns during the briefing but the rules remained changed, as the FIA have put this is place for safety reasons. 

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