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Esteban Ocon made his frustrations clear after crossing the line in P9 at the Hungarian GP, finishing behind teammate Fernando Alonso after a series of entanglements with the Spaniard. 

Ocon spoke about some of his annoyances in the post-race interviews:

"Yeah, not completely satisfied with that race. I think we had, unfortunately, more pace than that. Probably the strategy we chose was overall not the best one in the race.

"I think all the calls were not the perfect ones like we usually do. It probably would have been another story, but together as a team, we learn and improve, and that's going to be a useful one for the future.

"It's good to score points with both cars and keep track with McLaren, which is the important one. We didn't manage to get them today, so we'll have to push harder after the summer break."


The Frenchman was understandably more immediately emotional after taking the chequered flag, controlling himself from saying anything too detrimental:

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"Yeah, yeah. I think we have a lot to review. Not too happy with this race, guys, honestly."

Ocon qualified very strongly to put himself P5 on the grid, just ahead of Alonso in P6.

When the lights went out, Ocon made a series of defensive manoeuvres to cover the inside from the incoming Alonso, allowing Hamilton to cruise past. 

Alonso was extremely unhappy with Ocon's defending into turn 1, saying on team radio that he had "never seen" such defensive moves in his life. 

The Alpine duo would again come to blows after their first and only pit stops, battling each other on the pit exit and throughout the first sector. 

On this occasion, the two drivers squabbling cost them both a position to Ricciardo, who made a move on both A522's with the far more preferable medium tyres. 

Ocon and Alonso would eventually finish ahead of Ricciardo in 8th and 9th regardless (equalling Norris' six points for McLaren), keeping Alpine ahead of McLaren in the standings. 

Still, the Frenchman was far from satisfied with his afternoon.