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Daniel Ricciardo released a statement just last month about his commitment to McLaren, denying rumours that he would leave at the end of the season.  

Within weeks of that statement, Ricciardo finds himself completely exposed, as Oscar Piastri is all but confirmed as having agreed to a deal with McLaren after publicly denying Alpine. 

McLaren's deal with Piastri means Ricciardo must quickly find a seat for 2023, or he risks being left without any options in F1.

According to journalist Jenna Fryer, Daniel Ricciardo has until September to decide whether he will take up his option for 2023 and continue with McLaren.

This means if Ricciardo informs McLaren that he wants to continue next season, the Woking team must pay the price of breaking his contract prematurely - if they are to sign Piastri in for 2023. 

However, Ricciardo would be unwise to commit himself to McLaren, as it seems only a matter of time until Piastri takes his place. 

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Regardless of what season the Piastri-McLaren agreement takes effect, the writing is on the wall for Ricciardo, who is evidently expendable in the eyes of McLaren.


Returning to the insight provided by Jenna Fryer, this summer break will be crucial for the more experienced Australian driver to position himself well for 2023. 

Ricciardo must realise that he has no future with the papaya squad, who have decided that Norris will be the driver they will prioritise and build the team around.

Whilst it is understandable that McLaren will try to acquire someone with the potential of Oscar Piastri, the 21-year-old's public rejection of Alpine represented the end of the idea Ricciardo is part of McLaren's long-term plans. 

Ricciardo still has value in the driver market - though it has been diminished in the last 18 months - so he must use all his influence to jump at the available opportunities. 

Alpine seem to have let Piastri slip through their fingers, so the 33-year-old has an opening to re-establish himself in F1 with his old team. 

It is difficult to say whether Ricciardo is Alpine's first option in the event Piastri escapes them. Still, the #3 driver must realise he has no security or long-term prospects with McLaren.