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Daniel Ricciardo is amidst another difficult season with McLaren as he continues to fight for a better understanding of how to maximise the potential of his MCL36. 

The points gap between the Australian and his teammate is somewhat exaggerated, with Ricciardo demonstrating some good pace in races such as Australia or Jeddah.

Still, the 33-year-old is too far behind his teammate Lando Norris, who has a comfortable edge in race and qualifying. 

Even his 'better' weekends fall short of the electric pace and aggressive overtakes we are used to seeing from Ricciardo in previous years.

Despite this challenging start to the year, the Honey Badger told Sky Sports he remains confident in his ability to win races:

"We're now in the fight for fourth in the championship, and it's certainly now our target to maintain fourth. It's not over yet, of course, but it hasn't been the first six months we wanted.

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Ricciardo detailed some of the causes of his current dip in performance: 

"The car is really connected to you, you're strapped in. It's part of you. Every movement you do, the car needs to move with you.

"At times, at least for me, the feeling I'm trying to chase it's not connected, it won't respond in sync with me, and there's a little uncertainty about what's going to happen next. 

"It's like trying to dance with a partner and if you aren't in sync then you aren't dancing. 

Whilst the current situation is far from ideal, the McLaren driver still believes he can return to his best:

"I feel we're getting closer to it, I feel we come out of every weekend whether it's good or bad like - okay, this now makes more sense.

"Give me a winning car, and I'll win. I don't feel I've ever left a win on the table. 

"That's the challenge that lies ahead of us, with myself and with McLaren. Let's figure this out, I want to take on this challenge with you.

Let's figure it out because if you give me this, I give you this in return. That's the confidence I have in myself."

With another 18 months left on his contract, time will tell if Ricciardo and McLaren can extract the best from each other and deliver on the potential of their partnership.