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Amidst the discussion generated from Sebastian Vettel's retirement, there is another important development at Aston Martin, this being one of their upgrades for the Hungarian GP. 

The Silverstone-based team have introduced a big update to their rear wing, which appears to have exploited a grey area in the regulations. 

For all the discussion surrounding Aston Martin's "copying" of rival teams, this innovation has the potential to generate significant lap time for the AMR22.

As is expected in Formula 1, this innovation has drawn the attention of rival teams.

Red Bull's Christian Horner is among those to give their thoughts on this new rear wing configuration:

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"If it's according to the rules, [the Aston Martin rear wing] it's a possible path to take", Horner said as quoted by Erik van Haren.


"And who knows, maybe we'll copy something from Aston Martin instead of the other way round."

Despite concerns the budget cap would hinder development, several teams continue to push their updates as we enter the second half of the season.

These updates arrive too late for Sebastian Vettel, who has already decided he will not continue with Aston Martin's project moving forward.

Still, if Aston Martin is to climb up the field and fulfil their ambitions, it is paramount they continue pushing development to bridge the gap to the front.