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Despite looking on course for a P2 finish in the closing stages of the Austrian GP, Carlos Sainz was forced to retire after a dramatic engine blowout. 

The Spaniard could only curse his luck after his engine gave out in the Spielberg, quickly getting out of the car as the fire began to spread. 

While Sainz's health is the main priority after such a retirement, the F1 race-winner was bitterly disappointed with the conclusion of his weekend;

"Yes, it was a very tricky situation because I wanted to jump out, but the car was rolling backwards, and I didn't want the car to roll back forever. 

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I knew I was catching a bit of fire, and I was waiting for the marshals to come. They never came until quite late, so it was a bit of a moment, but nothing happened.

We were on for a very easy P2 and a one-two for the team, a very big result for the team. We were very quick on the hard tyres especially, and we were catching back up on Charles.

Good signs, I had the pace, and the momentum that we were getting was very nice.

But it looks to be the story of my season: as soon as we get a bit of momentum, there is something that goes wrong, and it's difficult to continue with it.

This weekend, we were very quick, and it should have been an easy one-two for the team."

In a race where Ferrari could have taken a 1-2 finish to gain significant points on Red Bull (especially after Sergio Perez's retirement), the Italian squad again failed to capitalise on their rivals' errors, gaining only a handful of points. 

The F1-75's pace is still very encouraging, but Ferrari must address their persistent reliability issues to have a chance of winning either championship.