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Carlos Sainz took his maiden f1 victory at last week's British GP, but the situation at Ferrari was far from ideal, as the team threw away a golden opportunity for a 1-2 finish. 

Once again, the team's strategy was pitiful, showing a reluctance to issue team orders (ironically for Ferrari) whilst also making the baffling decision to keep Leclerc on track during the Safety Car. 

With Verstappen and Red Bull comfortably ahead in some championships, some have questioned whether Ferrari needs to choose a driver to prioritise. 

Sainz was asked if he made the right decision to reject Ferrari's bizarre team orders at the end of the race:

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"Well, Ferrari won, I won, so for sure, it was not the wrong decision. I think at that time, in the car I knew perfectly what I had to do.


I knew not to put Charles in a compromised position but also to give Ferrari a race win – that is what the team cares the most about, and I think everything I did was sensible.

I didn't put Charles under unnecessary risk or pressure while overtaking him, knowing that I was going to overtake him fairly easily on the soft. I won the race for Ferrari, and I think it was a good outcome in the end.

So yes, I would have done it the same again, and I think the team perfectly understood my position – that's why they didn't call again for the ten car lengths because they knew that what I had argued during the radio comment was totally valid."