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Valtteri Bottas has brought a vast wealth of experience to Alfa Romeo in his short time with the team, both on and off-track.

This was no doubt instrumental in the Swiss-based outfit singing Bottas for 2022, as Alfa looked for a definitive team leader. 

They have certainly found that in Bottas, who has started the season in electric form and put the C42 firmly in the fight for 'best of the rest' in the constructors. 

Aside from his impressive on-track performances, Bottas spoke to about the work behind the scenes at Alfa Romeo:

"The first time I tried the Alfa Sauber simulator, I could feel that there was quite a difference to the one at Mercedes because Mercedes started a long, long time ago and our team, we only started a few years ago".

However, following an intense winter break in preparation for the highly anticipated 2022 regulation change, Bottas is pleased with Alfa Romeo's progress:

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"From the first time I tried it versus what it is now it's already hugely improved and it has been already this year, especially the last couple of events, a really useful tool to kind of support the race weekend".

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Alfa Romeo's machine has been solid throughout 2022, avoiding the peaks and troughs of other midfield rivals. 

The key to Alfa Romeo's continued success will be maintaining strong development throughout the season. F1's budget cap will not completely offset Alfa's monetary deficit to some of its midfield rivals, so keeping their early momentum alive will be key. 

Still, Alfa's upgrades have been very consistent to start the year, which has no doubt been helped by their evidently strong grasp of porpoising.

Porpoising has hardly been an issue for Alfa Romeo, who has shown a good understanding of this phenomenon from pre-season. 

In the long-term, however, improving facilities such as the simulator will be critical if Alfa Romeo is to solidify their position as a legitimate midfield threat. 

There will be no major regulation change for some time yet, and so Alfa must ensure they keep themselves in the mix and avoid a repeat of their undesirable pace before this season.