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Despite a sequence of quite catastrophic reliability failures, Ferrari is still firmly in the championship battle. However, some believe the Italian squad should impose team orders more aggressively. 

Ferrari has historically been ruthless when deciding which driver to prioritise, never hesitant in issuing team orders to maximise the result of their "number one" driver. 

Their most recent Drivers Championship victory in 2007 was - in part - achieved by McLaren's inability to maximise the potential of their fiercely competitive driver pairing. 

However, Ferrari's own operational and strategic mistakes have been far more costly than the on-track battles between Sainz and Leclerc. 

Whilst the team's catastrophic handling of the British GP could have been avoided if Ferrari fully prioritised Leclerc, the Maranello squad's gross incompetence played a far more significant role in throwing away a standard 102. 

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Still, when considering Red Bull's willingness to make sacrifices for Verstappen's betterment, Ferrari might consider a more cut-throat approach. 

As quoted by, Binotto denies that Ferrari needs to prioritise either Sainz or Leclerc at this stage of the season:

"The fastest car on the track is the one which is prioritised. We believe by doing so, certainly at this time of the championship, [it] is the best thing we can do.


"If, later in the championship, there will be one of the two drivers that got most of the opportunities, certainly we may try to give him full priority. But it’s not the situation right now.

"First, what we are trying to do every single race is try to maximise the team points.

"Obviously, there are two championships, the Constructors’ and the Drivers’.

"By maximising the team points, I’m pretty sure we are also maximising the drivers' opportunity to take points from our opponents."