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The British Grand Prix was a disaster for Ferrari, who again failed to capitalise on the opportunities presented to them. Both Red Bull drivers experienced problems that compromised their races, leaving the Scuderia with a golden opportunity to make up big points. 

However, in typical Ferrari fashion, the Italian squad committed a catalogue of mistakes that turned a routine 1-2 finish into a very disappointing 1-4. 

Ferrari insists that their decisions were justified, as Mattia Binotto explained the decision not to stop Leclerc under Safety Car:

"At this moment, it was common sense to prioritise the lead car by protecting track positions. There's nothing unusual in this strategy. We always prioritise the lead car and, therefore, Charles in this situation. 

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He was on fresher tyres at that point, and if he had pitted, our opponents would have done the exact opposite and gained track position on almost new hard tyres. Just think of Lewis Hamilton at last year's season finale in Abu Dhabi when he stayed out on track.

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At the same time, we decided to put Carlos on the opposite strategy in order to cover all opportunities. If we wouldn't have done that split strategy, we would have risked losing the race and handing the win to our opponents."

Ferrari's team principal also defended the decision not to swap Sainz and Leclerc earlier in the race:

"The answer is quite simple: it was not necessary to do it at that point, and there was still a lot of time to make that decision. Our priority is always to maximise the situation in order for the best team result. 

Only when this goal is under threat, do we need to act. We did this during the second stint and swapped cars when Carlos was not fast enough, and our opponents were catching us."

Questions are justifiably being put towards the Maranello-based team, given their consistent failure to maximise the potential of the F1-75. 

From an operational standpoint, Ferrari must make significant changes and improvements if they stand any chance of pushing Red Bull all the way in the championship.