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Since the phenomenon first appeared in pre-season testing, porpoising has consistently proven a significant challenge for the teams to overcome in 2022.

The FIA issued a technical directive ahead of the Canadian GP weekend amidst criticism from some teams and drivers that porpoising could have potentially detrimental effects on the drivers' health. 

A wide range of responses followed this directive, from criticism and condemnation to praise and support, with different teams - inevitably - looking to serve their interests. 


Binotto has spoken about the importance of finding a long-term solution to porpoising, telling gpfans that further steps must be taken:

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"Porpoising is something we need to tackle for the future, to try to do that, and maybe we need to do that through technical changes

It [in Canada] has not been such an issue. It's track related. As the cars are developed, this will develop as well. 

But it's a technical issue that needs to be discussed and improved. How do we do that? It's an open question."

The new technical regulations will continue to be a vocal point until the teams, and FIA can agree to a solution for what has persisted as an issue throughout the season. 

There can be no magic solutions for a very complicated and nuanced issue.

Still, with a clear divide in the opinions and standpoints of different team principals, it seems unlikely a compromise can be reached without some negotiation and debate.