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Aston Martin will be disappointed with their performances this season, struggling to establish themselves as regular points scorers amidst these new regulations. 

Lawrence Stroll cannot be faulted for lack of investment into the team, but it seems the Silverstone-based squad has tried to rush their ascent to the top of the grid. 

Arguably the most underwhelming aspect of Aston Martin's season has been their poor development, with their promising pace in Baku proving the exception as opposed to the rule.

The optimism surrounding the team after introducing their "b-spec" car in Barcelona has long gone, and there are few who expect them to achieve anything more than occasional top 10 finishes. 

Despite this, Mike Krack told about the team's intention to continue developing the 2022 machine rather than switch focus to next year:

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"Yes, we want to continue developing this car. Obviously, we need to respect the financial implications that we are having – but we have a plan in place that we made a while ago that we are trying to follow as much as we can.


"Obviously, you always have to adjust it depending on what is your wind tunnel result, what is your latest race result, but we’re very confident that we can improve it further, and we will do so race by race.

"We need to balance now what are we going to do with the current car, and how much of a compromise do we take in continuing with the current car and going into the next one?

"It’s a tough call, but... we’re only halfway into the season. We must not forget. We do not want to continue now the year on this level of performance."

Continuing to focus on improving the AMR22 seems reasonable enough, but Aston Martin must ensure they are not playing catch-up in 2023. 

That said, Mike Krack has already spoken about the importance of convincing Sebastian Vettel that the team's project is worth believing in, so it remains to be seen if they succeed in this endeavour.