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Sebastian Vettel's future with Aston Martin remains undecided as both parties discuss whether their partnership is worth extending into these new regulations.

Team principal Mike Krack has made no secret the team must improve and take steps forward in development to convince the Quadruple Champion to sign an extension. 

Aston's climb to the top of the grid will be a long-term project, and given the current stage of Vettel's career, the team must provide evidence that they can realistically attain their ambitions. 

In an interview with Sport1, Mike Krack spoke about the team's negotiations with Sebastian Vettel:

"We have a very good relationship with Sebastian, so we don't want to set a deadline. He knows our opinion.

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"He knows we really want to continue with him. I think after the summer break is the time when you can and must be more specific. Until then, we don't have a plan B."

There have been rumours about potential replacements for Sebastian Vettel, but Mike Krack has emphasised the team is not in talks with anyone else.

Whilst the AMR22 showed some very promising performance in Baku, this has not been replicated since, as the team has slipped to a somewhat embarrassing 9th in the standings. 

Aston Martin might still be able to persuade Vettel that the investment into the team will eventually pay off, but they have certainly failed in their efforts to impress the #5 with their mid-season development. 

"We're not talking about potential successors. Neither with him nor with others because we want Sebastian to stay with us.

"I'm not a fan of calling him every day and repeating like a mantra what we just did. We have to convince him with the progress and results on track. Unfortunately, they are still missing that reality at the moment... We must let actions speak, not words."