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Sebastian Vettel's future with Aston Martin remains in doubt, as the team is yet to make a convincing case they can provide the Quadruple World Champion with the machinery necessary to keep him.

The Silverstone-based squad has made substantial progress since their pitiful start to the season.

With that said, it remains to be seen whether even the best-case scenario for Aston Martin this year (a step towards the front of the midfield) will be enough to keep Vettel with the team.

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Mike Krack spoke to about Aston Martin's hopes to extend Sebastian Vettel's contract:

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"We were always clear that if he wants to continue, we would like him to stay for long, yes. 

We are talking. We have a very, very good relationship, and it is not that we have to set each other deadlines. 

Obviously, at one point, if we drag that too long, we will also be running into trouble, and he's aware of that. But they are very trustworthy discussions that we are having. 

From that point of view, it's all good. 

For us, we have always said that we want to improve the car, and I think Barcelona was the first step. 

I would like to show him another step, and then we can talk...

We analysed what we have done here, we work hard for Silverstone, and then we see where we are, and then we talk."