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With Fernando Alonso swiftly replacing the departing Sebastian Vettel, Aston Martin will still be expected to climb the field and compete at the front. 

The significant investment into Aston Martin's facilities and the acquisition of several former Red Bull and Mercedes employees is evidence of the team's ambition to win races. 

In an interview released by Aston Martin, Mike Krack spoke about the emphasis being placed on 2023 behind the scenes:

"Although we must continue to improve the performance of the AMR22, and we have a small group of people working on it, we've already turned our attention to the AMR23. 

"Our focus has been on [the] AMR23 for a while now because the car needs to perform right out of the box. A new season and new car represent the biggest opportunity to move ahead of our competitors."

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The team principal also provided some insight into the construction of Aston Martin's new factory and wind tunnel.

Fernando Alonso was surely compelled to join the team because of its potential to progress with the construction of these new facilities:

"The new wind tunnel and simulator will be ready in 2024. As soon as we've moved into building one, our current factory will be knocked down and replaced by building two, which will house our simulator, staff amenities and logistics centre.

"Having everyone in the team working on the same campus, will be a game changer for team dynamics. People will feel better intagrated...

"In the future, I see Aston Martin F1 as a team where success is the norm - I see a team that's not surprised to be on the podium, that's not surprised to be winning races."

The project at Aston Martin is no doubt exciting, but this season has demonstrated that there is still plenty of progress to be made. 

Next season will be critical for the team to establish themselves as contenders in this generation of F1 cars, so there will be no margin for error in the development of the AMR23.